United State Table Tennis Athletes Association mission is here to promote a healthier lifestyle through the wonderful lifetime sport of table tennis by developing grass-root programs throughout the US to reach individual’s and families from 3 – 100+ in age.

United State Table Tennis Athletes Association primary focus

  • To develop strong grassroots initiatives
  • Expose this wonderful lifetime healthy sport/activity throughout the US
  • To give our table tennis community the additional tools and support to continue on their success
  • To work together with US table Tennis community, table tennis organizations, NCTTA, National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, and NGB, National Govern Body Table Tennis (USATT) to help build US future pipeline to make US table tennis a power house on the international stage.
  • Help our professional athletes representing the sport with some of the financial cost for traveling, training, etc… from our membership dues doing our part in helping the NGB with out hard working athletes.

Regional Directors

  • Regional Director are USTTAA representatives that works with the division directors and states associations in their region.
  • Helps with scheduling larger programs and events to prevent possibly conflict of schedules geographically.
  • How does one become a regional director? Regional Director position are not voted in they are earned positioned by growing and developing programs within the USTTAA; for example, the individual with the most points in a region that is interested in being a regional director earns that position.
  • What is the point system? For every year membership within one’s programs/clubs/etc… one point is earned, and 10 points for every club & program location created by the coach, club, program director, etc… .
  • When does a Regional Director position begin? 2020 & 2021 the USTTAA will have interim appointed Regional Directors. With the First full 2 year term beginning on 1/1/2022 determined by the total points earned by December 20th, 12/20/2021.
  • What if a few of us created a club or program? The point will be divided between all parties; for example, 4 individual’s start a club which is worth 10 points, those points would be divided up between all 4 giving each of them 2 1/2 points.
  • What if I develop multiple location, but I have someone else running those programs? Every site in which a program director creates, they receive a point for each year membership that is produces by that location. Your appointed program director/coach/club director/etc… only receives credit on new site locations and programs beyond that location. You may reappoint your points to anyone with your team.
  • What if someone purchase a 3 year or life membership? Since the terms are 2 years long, one receives a point for each active year heading into the new term; for example, if one purchases a 3 year or life membership in 2020 or 2021, the member would count as 2 points toward your total.

Division Directors

  • Division director are acting as an interim representative of in each section of the country until a State Association is created.
  • 25% of the state part that comes out of the membership dues goes towards the division directors until a state association is created. The remaining 75% is held for that state to either help financially for the creation of the state association, or once create, to be donated to your state association.

State Associations

  • A portion of the membership dues goes directly to your State Association. If your state currently doesn’t have a state association, USTTAA has an interim division director until such association is created.
  • Only requirements for the state association to receive their portion of the USTTAA membership dues is to have an election of their board by active USTTAA members within their state. USTTAA is also their to help with the election process if the state association requires it.
  • How to create a state association. Contact us at info@usttaa.org
  • Sample Bylaws for the States, but your state may create what ever bylaws within for your association because it’s your state.